Sunday School Ministry:

Lustre MB Church values the importance of Sunday School classes for ages Pre-School to Adult Classes. We use a variety of Biblical curriculum ranging from Lifeway to Group Publishing. Some teachers choose to incorporate a small group Bible Study DVD series with discussion time built in. Some of our teachers simply work through a Book of the Bible or a Biblical Theme. Our goal is to study the Bible together so that we can be strengthened in our faith, edified in our Christian walk, and challenged in our Christian evangelism and outreach. So, grab your coffee, bring your Bible and come and join us. 9:45 am each Sunday Morning. 
  Our Adult Classes offer two separate studies. One study will focus on the Gospel of John 12-21 and the other class will focus on two topics. The first topic will be "My Encounter With Jesus" and the second topic will focus on "Overcoming Temptation."
  Both classes are open to all and both begin at 9:45 am on Sunday Morning. Bring your Bible and grab a cup of coffee as we open the Scriptures together.